Two men arrested for impersonating officers

Two men were arrested over the weekend for allegedly impersonating officers.

According to a release from the Galesburg Police Department, 33-year-old Michael Miller-Boyd and 34-year-old William N. Wilson were arrested for felony impersonation of a police officer.

The release says that on Saturday, September 5, officers received a complaint of a dark-colored SUV pulling over cars pretending to be police officers, several complaints being filed over the past few months with a majority of victims being female.

The suspects in the case allegedly approached a female driver after pulling her over with red and blue lights, identified themselves as a police officer, and stated that they were “undercover.”

She drove off and contacted police, giving them information on the vehicle — a dark green SUV. That information led to the stop of the vehicle, leading to the arrest of Miller-Boyd and Wilson.

GPD says that Wilson was a registered sex offender in Knox County, his conviction being for aggravated criminal sexual abuse with a victim being of 15 years of age.

William N. Wilson

Michael Miller-Boyd