Dist. 205 keeping with remote learning with some minor changes

School board members with District 205 heard several hours of public comments, presentations from teachers and health officials, as well as held discussion about how best to continue forward with

The District 205 Board of Education has given administrators direction to start bringing back the students struggling the most for more in-person learning.

Superintendent Dr. John Asplund made the recommendation to keep things mostly the same, with remote learning being the foundation for learning, and the neediest students getting into classrooms with teachers.

“So my recommendation is that we keep the current plan we have. That plan says, from the beginning, we can use Seesaw, we can use Google Classrooms, and in some cases Moodle,” Asplund told board members. “But we can scale up, continue using that as a bedrock of what we’re doing all year. Our teachers can bring in small groups of students. They can bring in the most needy students, the kids that need it the most now. We could get them in much more quickly.”

Asplund added that the only way to keep predictability is to stick with the current plan and start allowing more students to come back slowly over time

The lowest-performing K-12 students would be the first to be brought in for in-person learning followed by the lowest-performing K-2 graders.

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