Nikki Sixx Says Motley Getting Along Great

Photo Credit: Paul Miles /

It seems like making The Dirt brought the members of Motley Crue closer than they have been in years.

All four members admitted that things weren’t great when they did their farewell tour a few years ago, and Nikki Sixx tells Billboard that on the trek, “I think I was just detached in a lot of ways. I wasn’t detached onstage, but it just didn’t feel like a camaraderie backstage. We would do our meet-and-greets and we all would be cordial, but it just didn’t feel the same. Since the movie, it has felt like it used to in the old days.”

That closeness was apparent when Sixx became welcomed another child this summer. “The first presents — crazy, amazing presents — were from the members of Motley Crue. They were the first things that showed up. We were a little bit late, and Mick [Mars] was texting me like, ‘When’s that girl coming?’ This is from guys who didn’t talk to each other.”

Could that mean more new music from the Crue? Sixx adds, “I don’t know what the future holds musically, but it’s the best feeling to at least know that we’re brothers and friends through all this.”