Chad Smith Talks About Elton John On New Ozzy Album

Photo source: Ozzy.comOzzy Osbourne’s new album, Ordinary Man, now has a release date of February 21st. The title track is the next single, and it features Elton John on piano and singing a verse.

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, who plays on the album, says, “We decided, ‘Well, [the song] has a piano. Who is a really good piano player? I don’t know… Let’s get the Rocket Man.’ And so [producer] Andrew [Watt] and I went down to Atlanta, where Elton John lives when he’s on the East Coast… and we recorded him. And he played the piano on the song, and he plays it beautifully, of course. And then we’re like, ‘Why don’t we have him sing a verse?’

“These two iconic legendary English rockers that have been through it all are singing about the end of their lives. ‘I don’t wanna die an ordinary man.’ And it’s great. Me and Andrew are pinching ourselves. And Elton was so great, so gracious. ‘I’ll do anything for Ozzy. I love Ozzy.'”

Elton, Ozzy and Sharon are longtime friends, so no doubt Sharon made it happen.

Ordinary Man is Ozzy’s first studio album since Scream in 2010.

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