Shinedown Staying Busy With Movie And New Music

Photo Credit: radim rotek / PR PhotosBrent Smith of Shinedown says we’ll soon get to see the movie that brings together all the videos they’ve made for Attention Attention.

When the album was released in May 2018, Smith said that they would do a video for every track and there would be a story that connects them all. Now he tells Whiplash, “We are finishing out the final edits on the Attention Attention major motion picture. So, that’s being created right now and finally coming into the fold to where we’re getting ready to release it to the world, which we’re extremely excited about, ’cause it’s been almost three years in the making.”

Smith adds that after Shinedown’s Deep Dive tour this spring, he and guitarist Zach Myers are going to do a sequel to their 2014 Acoustic Sessions EP. “We’re gonna be going into the studio in Malibu to work on the second installment of a brand new Smith and Myers record, which hopefully is gonna be released by August of this year — maybe at the latest October. But we’re gonna do a double album, so we’re gonna do 10 covers…and we’re gonna do, for the first time, 10 original songs, me and Zach, for that project.”

He says they’ll start writing some new Shinedown music in early summer with the hopes of a new album in the summer of 2021.