Michael Poulsen Really excited About New Volbeat Music

Photo Credit: LUIS BLANCO / PR PhotosMichael Poulsen of Volbeat used his time off the road this spring to write a bunch of new songs, and he’s pretty happy with them.

Poulsen told Whiplash that “Now that I have all the time at home, there’s a lot of time to reflect on your whole career and what you’ve been doing in the past and what you’re doing now and what you wanted to do with the music, so I’m very much inspired right now, so I’m writing a lot of Volbeat songs at this very moment.”

He continued, “I can’t wait to start working on these songs in the studio when the time is right, because there’s a certain energy that really, really takes me back to the beginning. There’s a lot of heavy stuff in some of the new songs that I’ve got.”

Poulsen added, “I’m very excited about my whole situation when it comes to writing for [the band].”

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