Gene Simmons Talks About His Pampered Tongue And More

Gene Simmons was asked by New York magazine to name the things he can’t live without, and no surprise, two of them are used to maintain two of his most distinct features — his tongue and hair.

Tongue cleaner 0605 SC.jpg

Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner: “I was blessed with a very long appendage… And since I am very blessed, I really like to keep it clean… This tongue cleaner has a famous steel curve, which removes bacteria and plaque — that’s really what causes the bad breath. It’s best to clean it in the morning because when you’re asleep, bacteria has a chance to grow in your mouth for as many hours as you sleep.”

Listerine Ultra-Clean Oral Care Antiseptic Mouthwash: “I also go through a lot of mouthwash, and I really like this cool mint flavor. I have a big fat mouth, so a lot fits in there — I go through about a bottle a month. I try to brush all the stuff out of my teeth, but a lot of the time I really need mouthwash to get it all out.”

TIGI Bed Hard Head Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray: “Years ago, I noticed a lot of female models using this product. It seemed to work for them, so I tried it, and I’ve used it ever since. I’ve got what’s called a ‘Jewfro’ back home. My hair isn’t naturally straight — I have to blow dry it like that. If I let it air dry, it’ll be in ringlets. But instead of ringlets that kind of fall down, each individual strand will curl in a way that resembles more of an Afro. So I started straightening it back when I was a teenager.”

Heinz Ketchup: “I put ketchup on everything. When I first came to America in 1958 at eight-and-a-half years old, I had never heard of ketchup. In fact, I had never even heard of brushing my teeth until I moved here… I used to have ketchup sandwiches on Wonder Bread…”

Everyday White by Fitz and Floyd Coupe 11.38-Inch Pasta Bowl: “I don’t eat cereal every day, but when I first came to America, I did… I like eating it out of a very big bowl because I’m six-foot-two and I weigh 235 pounds. Everything about me is big: big sandwiches, big house, big boots, big bowls. But my secret to a great bowl of cereal is the milk. I hate warm milk, and it can never be cold enough for me. A long time ago, I started to put ice cubes in my cereal. People think it’s weird.”

Uni-Posca Paint Marker Pen – Medium Point – Set of 15: “I’ve must have signed well over a million photos and things by now. I don’t carry markers with me at all times, but I really should. Americans really lost it with Sharpies. They’re very cheap and don’t work very well at all. The Japanese sharpies — they’re called Poscas — are much better. I think a lot of Japanese products are better made than the American versions.”

Lucchese 12-Inch Welted Western Work Boot – Steel Toe and Waterproof: “I don’t care what hip-hop culture says, sneakers will never be as cool as boots… I think the Italians make them more stylish, and Lucchese is one of my favorite brands. It’s not about comfort… I like to feel that badass in everyday life, too, which is another reason why I prefer boots.”

And, his MoneyBag Vodka: “My vodka is going to be a big hit. It is the natural extension to our already successful MoneyBag sodas… I don’t drink, but I love to entertain. Vodka is the most desired spirit of all, so I decided it is what I had to make. And the ladies especially love it, because vodka has no calories.”

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