Finance Committee hears update on Nursing Home business review

The Knox County Finance Committee heard an update on the business review being conducted on the county’s Nursing Home at Wednesday night’s meeting.

During a conference call in the open meeting, Larry Lester with WIPFLI, the company that was hired to investigate the nursing homes financial woes, discussed some of the hold up with the nursing home not receiving payment on old bills.

“Payment is sequential. What that means is if you have a Medicare claim out there from October of [2017] and you submit November, December, January, and February… none of those claims will get paid until the October one is paid,” Lester told the Finance Committee. “If October is wrong, but November is right… November won’t get paid until October is cleared.”

Lester said that any claim that takes longer than 60 days to pay is outside the norm.

During the discussion, Board Chair Pamela Davidson said that there were some claims that were outstanding as far back as 210 days.

A full update is expected to be available by the County Board’s next meeting on March 28th.

Outside of that, it was business as usual as the committee discussed and approved some IT infrastructure upgrades.

Andrew Rowe with the IT Department presented only one bid for server storage upgrades that had been received since the last board meeting.

Rowe explained the need of the server upgrades to the committee, “We’re looking at taking and upgrading all of our servers up to the newest Windows Server for compliance reasons. That’s the Microsoft side of things. It’ll come in a couple of months that I’ll bring to you guys. In order to be able to do that we have to have faster equipment.”

Total cost to the county would come in at $62,855

The committee also approved the upgrade of the wireless internet at the Nursing Home. The cost to the county would be $14,630.10 .

Also approved was the some software upgrades for the Knox County Coroner Mark Thomas, as well as the approval for Thomas to seek bids for a new coroner vehicle.

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