Monmouth-Roseville looks at budget surplus for first time in years

The Monmouth-Roseville School Board received a nice surprise last night.

District 238 Superintendent Ed Fletcher said for the first time in his four years as superintendent, he’s projecting a budget surplus. 

Board members approved the tentative FY17 budget that’s expected to be just over $152,000 in the black. 

Fletcher attributes that surplus to the use of tax levy dollars, which will help to pay staff salaries this year. He also says the positive balance wouldn’t have been possible without fully funded General State Aid. 

Fletcher tells WGIL it’s been a long time coming.

“The board, our staff and our union, we’ve worked really well to try to keep our costs down low and it’s been a tough time,” Fletcher says. “I’m not saying we’re out of the woods yet. We’ll continue to watch our expenses and make sure they coincide with our revenues.”

Though this year’s financial outlook looks good, Fletcher says the state still owes the district a hefty amount in back pay. Since FY12, the district has missed out on $4.5 million and this year are still waiting on $269,000. 

Fletcher says the state is still prorating their share in transportation funding and the district is only receiving 69 percent of what they were promised. 

The board will vote on the formal budget at next month’s regularly stated meeting.

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