New video board in A-Town high school gym a big hit

The new video board that was installed in the Abingdon-Avon High School gym has apparently been a big hit.

Dr. Mike Curry, District 276’s Superintendent says that kids of all ages enjoyed some of the fun, fan-oriented features — such as a dance cam and flex cam, and the board came in handy with the district’s “Chuck a Duck” game.

Curry also says that businesses see the value in the video board as well, offering to help pay for it.

“But I knew the board would sell itself. Before halftime at the varsity game, I was approached by the fifth ‘heavy’ sponsor. It takes five sponsors making an initial investment of $2,500 or more to pay off the board. To get that fifth sponsor, I didn’t have to–they walked up to me!”

Curry adds that other businesses have approached the district about advertising on the board, which could be a great learning opportunity for students to learn about marketing.

He says that the district’s next step will be setting up a club to get students more involved with the production aspects… operating cameras, running the board, even broadcasting the games.

“We had four camera views that we can switch from. So, we had a camera on the floor, we had a camera on the court, we had a camera up above, and we had a camera being walked around by one of our students. And the person running the board could just switch anytime they wanted between each camera and then, if they wanted to put it live up to the video board, we could.”

Dr. Curry says that the club will be funded through the district’s 21st Century grant in the near future. Play-by-play and color commentary could be part of the club’s duties — as long as there are kids and adults that will help make it work.

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