Dist. 205 approves centralized kitchen upgrade at GHS

The first phase of the centralized kitchen upgrade for District 205 was approved by the Board of Education at Monday night’s meeting.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operation, Jennifer Hamm, told board members that the project would be getting underway at the end of the school year and would finish up by August 15th.

The centralized kitchen would be creating the sides for the whole district, which is a change from how things are done now where the central kitchen produces the entrees.

As far as staffing goes, the district has some work to do to reorganize the kitchen staff with new duties and locations.

Additionally, board members were informed that the centralized kitchen would be focusing on more cooked meals and not processed foods, providing better meals for kids. entrees.

In other buildings related action, the water and sewer line bid specifications for the modular classrooms were approved.

The modular classrooms will be utilized while the high school is shut down and renovated as part of the district-wide building renovation project.

Board members approved a bid to trench and install water and sewer lines for the modular or temporary classrooms that are being utilized during the building process.

“So, this is really the most crucial piece. The electrical work will actually be a separate bid package that will come in at a later date,” Hamm told board members. “But because we have trenching and we have to tie into the current system before the modular units can be delivered weather permitting, hopefully, the end of March or beginning of April, we have to have these sanitary and water lines installed.”

The modular classrooms will be located along the runway, which will be affecting parking at GHS.

Once the classrooms are delivered, the entry to GHS’s parking lot will be shut down on Dayton when the modular classrooms are built and installed.

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